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Mercy of Others (2023)

Feature Film

Mourning the murder of a friend, Hannah and her five friends come together to share memories and find comfort in each other’s company. Whilst the recent death has brought forward some drama and tension in the group, that is put on hold when the night takes a dark turn. They soon find out they are being held accountable for their actions several years earlier. In order to survive the night, they are faced with a chance to face their shortcomings and repent for said actions.

Written and Directed by Damien Giglietta, Mercy of Others was shot in Sydney in April 2022. Due for release in 2023.



Feature Film

Three young ambitious crooks find themselves embedded in a turf war between the notorious Syndicate and an upstart operation with an axe to grind.

The Syndicate is currently in pre-production and is slated to shoot mid 2021. Produced by 88 to 1 Productions and Directed by  Damien Giglietta.


Balaclava Lane (2022)

Short Film

A 15 year old boy confronts issues of drugs, violence, family but more importantly, love, all in 24 hours, whilst navigating in the heart of Australia's beautiful Bondi Beach.

Written and Directed by Chris Broadbent and Co-produced by 88 to 1 Productions.

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TKG (2020)

Feature Film

Wrapping up a long week of work, office employees are in a fight for survival against a local gang who are out for blood - but who is justified? A thrilling look into the consequences experienced by trying to do the "right thing" by society.

TKG out in 2019 being produced by 88 to 1 Productions and Directed by co-founder Damien Giglietta.


The Art of self-tape(2020)

When the 88 to 1 team hosts a self-tape competition 3 actors stood out more than most. Meet Bobby, Rhi and Yakob. Study their process!

A comedy sketch created by Leigh Smith, Ernest Arfan and Damien Giglietta. Featuring Lara Deam, Maddie Summers, Leigh Smith and Ernest Arfan.


Sacrifice (2019)

Short Film

88 to 1 Productions presents the beautiful short film ‘Sacrifice’. Sacrifice follows the love story of James Hunter (Leigh Smith) a humanitarian rights lawyer and Blake Robinson (Jesse Everett), a military officer. The two lovers are entering a new phase in their lives together but continue to be torn between their sense of duty and commitment to each other. A traditional love story told from an unseen and unique perspective; one that will capture the hearts of all.


The film is being streamed by 6 platforms including the titan of the streaming world “Amazon”. The film has been featured in over 9 different film festivals in Australia, The United States, Asia and the UK and continues to receive audience adoration since its release in early 2019.


The film marks 88 to 1 Productions Producer Leigh Smith’s writing debut and was executively produced by Damien Giglietta founder of the Production Company.

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